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October 2, 2018
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Winter Wearing

Winter has finally arrived here in Utah, and I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you keep babywearing this season. Whether you use wraps, onbuhimos or soft structured carriers, there are plenty of ways to continue wearing this slushy season.  

Coats, jackets, capes and more.

There’s so many choices when it comes to staying warm and babywearing. There are specific babywearing coats you can find, but those can be a bit tricky on price, and getting the right size. Another choice is to grab a jacket or hoodie that is a couple sizes above what you normally wear. This can be a more frugal option, but might not work for plus size babywearers. If you know a friend who can sew, or you are one of those magical humans, you can make yourself a fleece cover for you and your wearees. These options are great for helping with littles who don’t want up and down (*cough* toddlers *cough*).

But with littles who want up and down to play in puddles and throw snow, layering is usually the easiest choice. Having long pants (usually helpful to get some that are a bit longer since they hike up when being worn) or long socks and wearing coats and regular winter layers. Or using a coat that is easy to take on and off, just make sure you have the layers you need to keep from freezing.

Now you know how to keep warm, another struggle can be how to get your little up without getting everything messy.

Wrap straps, wrap tails, and handling slush

Keeping meh dai and reverse onbuhimo straps out of the slush can be a bit of a hassle; but doing a sliding knot can help keep all your wrap tails out of the snowy ground and mud. This can be done by feeding the excess through a slip knot. This allows for you to use longer wraps and keep them from being wet. Take the tail and cross the longer tail over the shorter tail, then pull that longer tail through your loop from underneath and you have a knot that allows you to add length as needed.  

Another option can be to pre-tie as much as you can. This is easy with woven wraps and stretchy wraps since they can be fully pre-tied and little can be popped in and out as necessary. Meh dais can have the waist tied and soft structured carriers can have the waist belt buckled and roll the panel up into the waistband.

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