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September 6, 2017
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Why Wear Your “Big Kid”?

When your baby is little, and your soaking up all the snuggles, they can’t yet sit, or crawl, or walk, it’s easy to see the benefits of wearing them. It helps soothe a baby that only wants to be held. It helps them see and be part of what’s going on. It keeps your baby close while keeping your hands free. It helps fulfill the needs of the baby while keeping up with other children.

But what about when your little baby grows into a toddler, into that “big kid”, into the independent child who CAN walk?

We asked those who do wear their “Big Kids”

To work through the “big” feelings. To keep them from escaping in public and accessing places strollers can’t go The walk to the park may be no problem, but the walk back is just too far for little legs to go. ~ S

Sensory overload. My 4 year old will tell me when he needs to go uppah when life is too much. He generally goes from a very sad or frustrated little boys to very happy when we put him up. Over tired. Gets them every time! Safety, especially in overcrowded spaces. They just need snuggles and I don't wanna hold them. ~ S

Because she still likes to be there. She prefers the carrier to the grocery cart. Because I have no desire to chase a kid through the parking lot. ~ E

Because the world is a scary place for both of us sometimes, and babywearing is the perfect safety net for those moments. ~ L

Chores/farm life/safety. Chasing cattle is much safer while baby wearing then a 2yo getting trampled by cattle.... Just so they can see better. Whatever it is. Sometimes in crowded places there are thing to see and being only three feet tall in a crowd does not allow for a lot of viewing opportunities. Just because we like it Containment 🤣 ~ J

Because he was the sickest he’s ever been and at 3.5 wanted the snuggles ~ S

Because it’s hard to keep track of two kids. My 3 year old is a runner and I still wear him in busy places. ~ S

Because I need to feel him as close to me as he needs to know I’m near to him. He likes cuddles and snuggles - a lot. And I’m due in January with my daughter and can only do so much with one arm and a big pregnant belly. ~ A

Because it is just easier. I have three (used to be three and under). Life has to happen. Laundry, meals, parking lots, etc. we have to wear to keep going. I have two hands and three very young children. It is the best parenting tool I’ve ever had. They are now 5, 3, and 27 months. I wear daily still, happily. ~ S

Because I can move faster wearing them than I can letting them walk. ~ A

Because the activities we do are filled with lots of walking and those little legs just can't keep up that long. The zoo, air shows, car shows, museums, and elsewhere are just easier to navigate without a stroller, without a child running off into a crowd, and instead with them secure and happy on my back. The easiest way for me to calm down my child having a tantrum is to put them up. Naptime on the go in a carrier means we weren't always confined to the house. ~ A

With a three year old, I carry him due to he loves to run and those little legs get tired after a while ♡ ~ R

So I can shop and keep her safe! ~ L

Because naps can’t always happen at home, I wear my 1 year old and my 4 year old. They’re on different schedules and it would be impossible to stay home ALL DAY...also I’m a work from home mom...sometimes I need to contain my 1 year old so he can cuddle and I can work 🙂 ~ K

Keeps them safe! Makes them still feel they have choice/control because it’s so easy to get them up (and down). ~L

Because my son has had nursemaid's elbow more times than I care to admit and it’s much nicer to know I can get from point A to point B without him being stubborn. Also baby kisses ~ K

85lb 5 year old who needs carrying to calm down from overload. My arms can't hold him as long as a wrap can. 3½ year just who still breastfeeds for comfort. Mom still needs to get stuff done, though! ~ K

Because my daughter will both sign and say "up". Because there is no way I'm going to carry her on my hip the whole day. Public transit isn't stroller friendly ~ D

First and foremost because she enjoys it 💗 It also allows her to participate in activities she wouldn’t be able to otherwise. One of our regular family outing is going clamming and mussel hunting in Bodega Bay. Hands free!!!!! For so many reasons. Lastly, my husband says it’s better than a leash ~ J

Because it’s easier when you have more than one kid, because little legs tire quickly, because sometimes you just need to get through a store quickly and can’t let them run wild ~ V

Keep them safe (and myself sane) in supermarkets ~ J

-So I can make dinner. -To comfort her when she is sick, tired, or recovering from a seizure. -To give her a break when she can't keep up anymore. -She's too heavy to carry around in my arms for awhile, even though she is still little. -I love being close to her. -She asks me for "wrappies", and loves being close to me. ~ S

Because if we babywear it takes 20 minutes to walk home from nursery school and if she walks herself it takes an hour. It's a very interesting hour... but it's still an hour 😉 ~ K

- To keep her safe, she is a runner and if I know my hands will full or I won't be able to run after her, up she goes. - Because those little legs get tired after a while and she needs to be carried if we aren't done walking. - If it is crowded, I know she is safe and can see when she is on my back - because sometimes she just wants to go up - Over tired or sensory overload and she just needs to be close to Mom - It's germ season, she won't touch things if she is on my back - Sometimes she is shy and wants to hide/snuggle with Mom ~ J

I also wear for containment. He's an extremely active 3.5yo. But love the ease of up/down/up/down. ~ E

Because conversation at eye level is so much better. ~ E

Because I often have to get him somewhere he is unwilling to go. Which stinks, because it’s not the lovey dovey Sweet babywearing we used to do. It’s out of necessity now. Sometimes this sweet boy melts down beyond his coping skills and I have to keep him safe ~ R

Why would you wear your “Big Kid”?

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