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Kiss Reverse Onbuhimo


Are you in search of a quick secure high back carry? This Cute Reverse Onbuhimo may be your solution!

This Cute Reverse Onbuhimo is ready made and will ship out immediately!

It is a handmade, Semi Conversion using Bijou Wear’s Wildthing Kiss – a low Tencel high cotton blend fabric featuring lovely topical zebra striped flowers. It is lined in organic grey cotton.

Body panel:
Toddler: Seat width 19-21 inches, 21-24 inches tall (Fits those who wear 2T to 4T)

Shoulder Straps:
Petite- 10 inches

Bottom Strap Length:
75 inches

The shoulder straps are padded making it nice and comfy for the wearer. The shoulder straps have a pair of small solid aluminum rings from And the best feature of all of this carrier is that there is no waist band! The child’s weight is supported on the wearer’s shoulders and upper back. The feeling is much like a ruck carry in a woven wrap. A reverse onbuhimo is considered an advanced carry. It does have a learning curve. You will want to practice wearing with a spotter to help. It usually takes some tweaking in how you adjust the carrier to find your “sweet spot”. But once you have mastered the carrier it is a great quick and easy back carrier!

Included with every carrier is an instruction booklet. It has descriptive written instructions as well as full color pictures to help you with wearing and adjusting your carrier.

* Our Onbuhimo are CPSIA compliant and are tested for 15 to 65 pounds

Body panel sizes

Baby: Seat width 14-16 inches, 16-19 inches tall (Generally fits early sitters up to those who wear 18 months)

Standard: Seat width 16-18 inches, 17-21 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 12 months to 2T)

Toddler: Seat width 19-21 inches, 21-24 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 2T to 4T)

Preschool: Seat width 22-26 inches, 23-26 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 4T and bigger)

Adjustable:  Generally fits those who wear 12 months to 4T

Large Adjustable: Generally fits those who wear 18 months and larger

Reverse Onbuhimo Shoulder Straps:
  With your little on your back, either wrapped or having someone hold them, have your little where you ideally would like to wear them. Measure from their armpit over your shoulder to your collarbone.

6 to 9 inches – Petite – 10″
10 to 13 – Standard – 12″
14 or longer – Long – 14″

Reverse Onbuhimo Bottom Straps:
The length you will need will mainly depend on what kind of tie off you’d like to do.

Just a basic chest belt – 40″
Chest belt tie under bum – 50″ – 60″
Bum passes to Tibetan – 60″ to 80″
Bum passes to Tibetan, then extra flourishes (candy cane, tie under bum) – 70″ – 90″

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