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Bevel Buckle Onbuhimo


Are you looking for a quick no fuss high back carrier??? This Cute Onbuhimo may be your answer!!!

This Cute Onbuhimo is ready made and will ship out immediately! It is a handmade, Half Conversion using Smitten Wovens’ “Land Before Cogs, Bevel” – multi colored steampunk dinosaurs. The inside of the carrier is black cotton.

Body panel size:
Standard: Seat width 16-18 inches, 17-21 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 12 months to 2T)

Shoulder Straps:
Standard – 12″ to 15″

Chest Strap:
Comes with interchangeable Buckle chest strap and Sash

The Cute Onbuhimo is a waist-less soft structure carrier. Designed for carrying your child in a secure high back carry. The bottom of the carrier folds up under the child’s bottom, between them and you creating a unpoppable seat! And what’s the best feature about it? No waist band!

The shoulder straps have been designed to mold and conform to your body, as well as provide cushy padding without being overly bulky. There are Reverse PFAs (Personal Fit Adjusters) so you can shorten the straps to fit you perfectly and make minor adjustments while wearing. You can pick the style of chest strap to best suit your style. The chest strap loops on the shoulder straps offer adjustable heights for the chest strap to help find your personal fit.

* Our Onbuhimo are CPSIA compliant and are tested for 15 to 65 pounds

Full ConversionEverything is covered with your fabric selection

3/4: Most of the carrier is the wrap fabric you select; outside body panel, the whole shoulder straps, and the chest straps. The inside body panel (what is against baby) is the cotton color you select.

Half ConversionThe outside body panel, top of the shoulder straps including the chest strap loops, and the chest strap is the wrap fabric you choose. The inside body panel and underside of the shoulder straps (What is against you and baby) is the cotton color you select.

Partial ConversionOutside body panel is the wrap or print you select. The shoulder straps, chest strap, and inside body panel is the cotton color you choose.

Body panel sizes

Baby: Seat width 14-16 inches, 16-19 inches tall (Generally fits early sitters up to those who wear 18 months)

Standard: Seat width 16-18 inches, 17-21 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 12 months to 2T)

Toddler: Seat width 19-21 inches, 21-24 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 2T to 4T)

Preschool: Seat width 22-26 inches, 23-26 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 4T and bigger)

Adjustable:  Generally fits those who wear 12 months to 4T

Large Adjustable: Generally fits those who wear 18 months and larger

Buckle Onbuhimo Shoulder Straps:
  With your little on your back, either wrapped or having someone hold them, have your little where you ideally would like to wear them. Measure from their armpit over your shoulder to the front of your armpit..

10 inches or shorter – Petite
11 to 14- Standard
15 or longer – Long

Generally by top size:
XS – Petite
Sm to large – Standard
XL to XXXL – Long

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