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August 16, 2017
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September 6, 2017

Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive

I first found out about the organization Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive a little over a year ago and started following them. I immediately fell in love with their mission.

Lift Me Up is a non profit organization providing babywearing carriers, education and support to families who have children with disabilities.

The 3 mamas; Rachel, Kristin, and Sarah founded Lift Me Up together in 2014. It is completely volunteer driven and made possible through donations. Their passion is to help families with children with disabilities. They not only give baby carriers to these families but they work with them to make sure they receive a carrier that will best suit the family's needs. In doing this it not only helps the disabled child but also helps the whole family thrive. Whether it is to keep the disabled child close in a comforting or healing position, or to hold a sibling while they help with therapy, the carriers help promote more bonding and better quality of life.

You can read more about this organization on their website:

You can also follow their story and see the lives they have impacted on their Facebook page:

And Instagram:


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